House and the Hill

Architectural design, however, construction of nature always gives beauty to your home design. A hill will give a great view for you, you can even enjoy from inside your own home. This is the design of Casa Capece Venanzi, situated near the Adriatic sea. This house in the suburbs in between land and hills. Design of two-level house has a unique structure of the outer wall, you can see this unique design will create a play of light on the floor of the house. Natural hill with lots of green trees will create the atmosphere of this house is very comfortable. Sea will also give charm to you, the sea breeze brings you into the creative imagination, so there are only feelings of happiness while living in this house. This house consists of two floors and there is further room in the basement. Inner patio connects the roof area with basement. This design can provide inspiration if you want a house * with modern style. Living here you can be free from the bustling city, you can enjoy the green scenery and the sea. In addition, large design houses will also be made comfortable.

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Charming House Design

Nice Architecture of the House

Modern Style of the House

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