sophisticated bar design

Need a refresher after a tired work? Let’s visit a cool lounge bar in Mexico City. The name of the place is Nisha. Nisha is a very sophisticated place to relax. The interior design is very sophisticated. Spatial planning and selection of bar furniture are also cool. Spatial planning and interior design Nisha done professionally by Pascal Arquitectos. Arquitectos creative ideas, make Nisha truly be the perfect place unwind. Space bar is designed to meet the wishes of guests, which is relaxing. Bar furniture choices also reflect the class and segments of the market place. Modern and minimalist style furniture fills every corner of the lounge bar. Relaxed atmosphere in a comfortable place, is something that is sold by Nisha. The right color choice makes perfect division of work space. Nisha, consists of separate parts, namely a restaurant, bar and lounge area. But the separation of space is very subtle use of different shades according to the needs of each place.

comfortable lounge bar

modern lounge seat

cool bar interior

convenient lounge bar

unique modern room