exhibition space design

Showcase the work of copyright is a very important thing. Copyrighted works which the showcase is indeed a way to gain recognition from the world that what you’ve created is something that results pride. Many things that support the smooth running of an exhibition event. Decoration design exhibition galleries, exhibition marketing and also good management system will facilitate the event an exhibition that truly give a good impression. It is no less important is the design of the exhibition or gallery. In building design gallery exhibition of works by UN Studio, is an interior design ideas that use unique design of the building design. Structures that created such someone wearing a hat with a tilted position such as aircraft or UFO, made from UN Studio gallery space into very unique and interesting. UN Studio is an enterprise architecture that is built in the Netherlands in Amsterdam 1988. As the value of consistency of UN Studio of the world, especially the interior architecture, then they really do their best likely to be able to provide a service that prides to the public. Every interior design architecture a project of UN Studio, they are always identical with architectural designs that overlap or even with the model modular or curve. As in the gallery space launch of Motorola’s Aura handset. Interior decoration in the exhibition at similar design to the design of the room in a UFO. The concept of modular or curve never loose in the design this architecture. In house architectural design as well, UN Studio provides a different character, though with effects same. In this gallery space, UN Studio provide a bid on 12 artists to show their talent results best. In addition, it is also very precise in interpreting the design gallery. Galleries are designed with a very unique structure and the interior of the ordinary is indeed very appropriate to be able to give a influence that can be mutually supportive of each other, between the exhibition that have an attachment with the building design and between the design of classic modern architecture with the charm of the work of the exhibition.

unique exhibition design

retreat exhibition space installation

modern exhibition space architecture