Gold Office Interior Design

You may rarely see a bank with full-color interior and furniture design with a futuristic style. This office is using the sun as the center of all activities. Lighting design is made like a sun illuminate the entire room. But the sun in this design is made with style box, on the table to serve clients. Space to serve clients in for such a cell, this design is extremely beneficial for clients, because of privacy will be maintained. Money is a personal matter of each person, therefore this design is helpful to maintain client secrets. You will see several ‘cells’ are in the design of this office, all with pretty yellow and white decor. Flat TVs available in the waiting room, so you will not feel bored when I have to wait queue. This office is a proof that a bank can come up with dynamic and colorful style. 

Cool Sun Office furniture

Futuristic Office Design

Beauty Office Lighting

Bank Office Imagination

Tags: full light bank, innovative office design, office futuristic style, solar lighting design