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the rainbow image is printed on the wall as the biker moves by

stockholm-based street artist akay has created the ‘rainbow warrior: tool no 05.1’ which is part of his ‘instruments of mass destruction  (complicated technical solutions to aide in simple acts of vandalism) series’, that includes the previous ‘robo-rainbow: tool no 10’.
for both of the ‘art-making’ tools, the individual attaches an implement to the back of his/her bicycle.

where the ‘robo-rainbow’ employs a mechanical arm, swinging in an arch above the biker to paint the wall while stopped,
the tagging process with the ‘rainbow warrior’ is further expedited. the ‘rainbow warrior’ has a simple structure that is attached to
the back of a bike and once installed, stands vertically, misting the surface adjacent to the the biker with
a spray-painted rainbow as they ride past.

aerial view of the rainbow being painted on the wall by the ‘rainbow warrior’

akay prepares the rubberband system which releases spray paint from each of the cans simultaneously

the ‘rainbow warrior’ is fastened to the back of a bicycle by attaching it to a sturdy back rack