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London architects Yes We Can Architecture have sent images of a project they built last summer out of hula hoops.

This temporary structure was done with a very tight budget: 900 Euros. An installation of 300 bright green hula hoops connected with plastic clips, imposing its contrasting organic shape inside an 18th century courtyard. It was assembled by a team of 4 people in 2 days.
Qui est “in”, qui est “out”?
inspired by Serge Gainsbourg, 1966


The installation was in the courtyard of the 18th century Hotel d’Aurès music school as part of the Festival des Architectures Vives :In(Side)Out in Montpellier, France last summer.


300 hula hoops were used in the installation, which is called Qui est “in”, Qui est “out” after a song by Serge Gainsbourg.



Hundreds of hula hoops cover the ground. Assembled together, they become structure. The hula hoop is the smallest entity which defines boundaries, between an inside and an outside. One is either IN or OUT.


But since hundreds of hula hoops are bound, accumulated and amalgamated together, this boundary is blurred.
The accumulation of hula hoops dis torts the perceptions; space is turned inside out.


The installation transports us from the usual to the singular : we discover a product in a completely new light. This creation raises from technical and economic constraints of the festival: the objective being to have a maximum impact with minimal means.



The project was undertaken by a team consisting of Frederic ANDRE, David CARDINAL, Christelle Bewig, Sophie LEPINOY.




All photos and images are copyright: Frederic ANDRE, except 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08: Christelle BEWIG; and 12: Association Champ Libre.