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‘AUDI haus’ by atelier FCJZ at F1 international racing circuit, shanghai
all images courtesy of atelier FCJZ

chinese architecture firm atelier FCJZ has created ‘AUDI haus’, an installation consisting of glass partitions encompassing an AUDI vehicle inside. the glass panels are arranged to produce multiple reflections of the car, eventually blending into each other, creating the illusion of movement and rotation as the viewer walks around the display. the slices disperse from the corner, resulting in different intensities of light refraction. a diagonal pathway allows users to enter the pavilion and see the car from up close. while inside, the fragmented reflections are transfered onto the surrounding city, creating an obscure atmosphere and an intimate experience with the audi.

view of glass panel installation

all the structural components, including the lighting is concealed within the steel pedestal. the density and opacity of the metal contrasts the transparency of the glass which it supports. to eliminate the use of any fixtures, a triangular doorway
is adopted which aids the transfer of the weight of the glass down into the base. due to the lack of space between the planes, the base had to be constructed in parts as the glass pieces were being placed. once the structure was complete,
the car was placed inside using a crane.

the installation is currently at the F1 international racing circuit in shanghai.

glass reflecting the car within, obscuring the space around it 

glass and car placed on a steel pedestal  

view from behind of car 

lights from under the glass is refracted, creating thin, glowing edges

the layers of glass are combined to create a translucent atmosphere 







diagram of glass partitions 

diagram of different slicing options

project info:

project name: audi haus
principal: yungho chang
project architect: kelvin lim
project team: liu jing
structure engineer: wu xia
location: F1 International racing circuit, shanghai
client: audi
completion: 2011