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‘weaving forest’ by super nature design

multidisciplinary studio super nature design shanghai completed ‘weaving forest’, an art installation consisting of two wooden reindeer forms and smaller structures connected by lines of yarn. visitors were invited to wrapped the multi-colored string
around the forms themselves, hooking it onto protruding screws. over time the interactions created a woven blanket such that eventually the shapes underneath could no longer be seen. the project was designed as a demonstration of the power of the collective, reminding people of their social responsibility and allowing them to reflect on their environmental impact.

the installation was on exhibition at the ‘detour 2011’ festival in hong kong.

view from below

string ties around nails in the wooden form

installation grew as the viewers continued to interact with it 

view of the colorful balls of yarn 

detail of screws 

detail view

string is attached to the inside of a cargo box 

eventually the string coated the wooden form

original wooden deer before the installation started