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‘kumamoto artpolis kahoku project’ by ryo yamada, kumamoto, japan

all images courtesy ryo yamada
Japanese artist and architect ryo yamada has produced the ‘kumamoto artpolis kahoku project’, a land art installation which has been overtaken by nature since

its creation in kumamoto, japan. a network of wooden bridges, the differentiation between the constructs and encompassing forest has faded, merging the experience into anartistic landscape. the weathered design has become immersed into the site, unable to exist without nature.

the terrain has acquired an identity which was not envisioned upon the project’s conception ten years ago and continues to evolve over time. the transformation is an additional dimension to be considered by artists placing man made structures
in natural environments.

shadow during the day

bridge illuminated from the wooden pathway

bridges glow softly within the landscape

approach to bridge

stairway inside corridor

bridge in the distance at night

illuminated at night

site plan

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