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‘groot vijversburg park extension’ by LOLA + deltavormgroep + piet oudolf, tytsjerk, netherlands
all images courtesy LOLA + deltavormgroep + piet oudolf

rotterdam-based LOLA landscape architects, utrect-based firm deltavormgroep and dutch landscape architect piet oudolf
have collaborated to create the winning proposal for the ‘groot vijversburg park extension’ in tytsjerk, netherlands. featuring a growing
art collection, the romantic setting of the park is spreading beyond its boundaries with the hopes of creating a national destination.
the design integrates a link to the historical grounds, a post-war recreational area and nature reserve. the program is interconnected
with a ‘star maze’, featuring a forest and labyrinth. tall hedgerows divide the subspaces of meadows and smaller parks for varied functions.

center of the ‘star maze’

a central gathering space presents six paths lined with textured shrubs to venture down. stretching into the surrounding grounds,
the endpoint of each corridor terminates with a different experience, including a balcony overlooking the landscape, pier for canoers,
a window and shed with supplies to venture into a nearby marsh. another zone containing hills and perennials may be flooded regularly
and reached through a grid of small dikes. movement through the landscape is permeable and free allowing the individual to find
and discover their way through the area without any imposed direction.

corridor lined with hedgerows

aerial view of the ‘star maze’

site plan




tip diagram

tip diagram

tip diagram

concept diagram

concept diagram

circulation diagram