The thirteenth annual International Architecture Biennale , with pavilions from 55 participating nations. This year’s theme, set by curator David Chipperfield, is ‘Common Ground,’ and Canada’s national pavilion will compliment it greatly.

Winniped-based 5468796 Architecture in conjunction with University of Manitoba professor Jae Sung Chon have formed Migrating Landscapes Organizer (MLO), the curating agency for the pavilion, which will feature 18 works from architects and students under 45. The theme, ‘Migrating Landscapes,’ will examine issues surrounding globalization and immigration, specifically in the context of architecture. It seeks to answer the question: how does design cross cultural, social, and political borders?

To investigate this new world of mobile people and dreams, MLO created a abstract grid from rectangular extrusions of various types of wooden pieces. In the words of MLO, “the landscape is envisioned as a grid mosaic – an abstraction of the physical [configuration], social [relationship], economic [size] and political [hierarchy] conditions that form Canada’s pluralistic cultural identity.” The projects, winners of a 2011 national competition, are then placed within this landscape, nestling into it but not being overwhelmed by the larger composition

what will be the theme of the canadian pavilion at this year’s venice architecture biennale?

‘canada’s entry to the 13th international architecture exhibition – la biennale di venezia is migrating landscapes. as more and more people move around the globe, the issue of im/migration is more important than ever. in spite of humanity’s increased mobility, many countries are becoming less open to new im/migrants, with canada remaining a notable exception. migrating landscapes poses questions about contemporary architecture as it is practiced cross-culturally and negotiated across political and social borders.’